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Rowe v. Pacific Quad presentation handout A. Hakim Pacific Quad has insufficient documentary evidence for why Rowe resigned. - Burden on Pacific Quad - YR-2: Annie Cunningham report o “Try to gather some evidence” - YR-1: After thought: o “marginally productive” “typing speed” Not on resume! Robinson says left “piled up work” Robinson never met Rowe Alternate explanations! John Walsh alludes that he knew something was up 1. Paragraph numbered 12. a. Unable to deny. i. Contradiction?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Walsh pays Rowe a. “Under all of the circumstances… it is only fair” i. What “circumstances” was Walsh aware of? 3. 1 st Letter to DFEH a. Untruth admit i. blames Robinson 1. Why would Robinson lie? Squirming… Pacific Quad had no formally established anti-harassment policy.-“orally administered” o not written; flexible policy-Schmit responsible for administering o …really?-online course o unclear-“frequently discussed” o really?...
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