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AP Statistics and Data Management Name: ___________________________________ Knowledge ___ Application and Thinking ___ Communication ___ Total ____ 18 11 10 39 Knowledge questions Multiple Choice – circle the letter for the best possible answer - mark each 1. A factory has 20 assembly lines producing a popular toy. To inspect a representative sample, quality control staff randomly selected 100 toys from one line’s output. Was this a simple random sample? (a) Yes, because the toys were selected at random. (b) Yes, because each toy produced had an equal chance to be selected. (c) Yes, because a cluster sample is a type of simple random sample. (d) No, because not all combinations of 100 toys could have been chosen. (e) No, because toys do not come off the assembly line at random. 2. An biologist wants to investigate whether Canadian soldiers who spent time on an army base in Nova Scotia which was a storage site for biochemical weapons in the 1970s have had a greater rate of contracting cancer than the general population. She obtains the appropriate records from the Department of National Defence, and from Health Canada, and concludes that there is an association. This is a: (a) survey (b) retrospective study (c) prospective study (d) randomized experiment (e) matched experiment
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Test___Unit_3_Nov_16___V2 - AP Statistics and Data...

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