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America: A Concise History, Volume 1: To 1877

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Unit 2, Revolutionary America The American Revolution - The revolution started at Lexington and Concord, April 1775 - Sons of Liberty were storing arms and gunpowder at concord. British Commander in Boston, General Thomas Gage, sent troops out to preemptively destroy the weapons. En route they met at Lexington with some armed militia. Brief skirmish. Some militia were killed. - Troops went to Concord. Secured the gunpowder that was left. Then marched back to Boston. As they returned to Boston, guerilla warefare from the militia. They ambushed the British across the rode. Militia killed quite a number of the soldiers. - General Gage reluctant to take his soldiers out of Boston. - Meanwhile, there was a meeting known as the Continental Congress. Continental Congress originally summoned to resolve disputes with Britain. Now it found itself facing a potential revolution. In charge of a revolution - The first time the Continental congress met, they were simply trying to reach negotiations with Britain. - The Continental Congress, the second time they met, organized an army. They chose George Washington to head their regimen. - George Washington wasn’t qualified, wasn’t a brilliant military commander. Failure of a career in Duquesne. Good at organizing army, campaigning for money, stubborn – pestered continental congress for money. Good at scrounging for supplies. WASHINGTON THE ADMINISTRATOR. - He had prestige. Good choice. - They were desperate, he was willing, it was a good choice. - George Washington tries to assemble men and money. They borrow some money from FRANCE. They also printed PAPER money, which were known as continentals.
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Revolution - Unit 2 Revolutionary America The American...

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