The creation of the United States

America: A Concise History, Volume 1: To 1877

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The creation of the United States - This is not on upcoming test. - Test on arrival of Europeans (Roanoke, Jamestown) to the revolution (treaty of paris, york town). - During the revolution, the Continental Congress had to turn itself into a government. Originally it was a group of delegates discussing grievances about Britain. - It has to organize an army, raise funds, begin to negotiate with foreign governments. It didn’t have the mandate or power to do this, and it didn’t even WANT to do this (except for Sam Adams). - They had to act. They organized a rudimentary government. A constitution. A Constitution was drawn up for the colonies called “the Articles of Confederation” - Articles of Confederation – 1777, early in the war drawn up - Loose organization - Individual states remained mostly independent, free to make their own laws, etc. - The Articles of Confederation gave just enough power to the government of the United States as it needed (not enough). - Every major decision, the delegates of the Continental congress would have to go back to their state to get approval. DECISION MAKING IS VERY SLOW. - The government, under the articles of Confederation, had a very limited power to tax. It got its money from the individual states, which didn’t always cooperate in giving the money to the Confederate government. - The government lacked a bureaucracy. It has few civil servants to do its work. Government was weak. It also lacked a powerful leader - The United States did have a president, but he was very weak. The president was little more than the chair of the continental congress. The president also changed every 6 months. - The first president of the United States was Samuel Huntington. He was powerless. He was not an executive with authority. - Early on, people realized that this was not a good set-up. - The country faces serious problems and the government is too weak! - People know this, and they WANTED the system to be like this originally. They created this weak system because they wanted it to be the OPPOSITE of powerful monarchy. They were interested in democracy, thus they created a weak and ineffective government. - The states rejected governments from the outside telling them what to do. So they intentionally made a system where the central government was weak, where the states had individual powers. The problem is that you need a government! - Eventually, this is replaced. It is acknowledged that it is an unfit system. - One thing that convinces them that it is a problem is an incident at NEWBURGH, New York
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- Newburgh New York: location of continental army. War has ended. Continental army is together. The government of the Continental Congress has difficulty in paying the soldiers and the officers. -
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The creation of the United States - The creation of the...

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