Last Bit of Revolution

America: A Concise History, Volume 1: To 1877

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Last Bit of Revolution Although American colonists were struggling, they did have some successes. - Saratoga: increased encouragement for soldiers. French decided to support them. They supplied soldiers, naval forces, officers and wealth. - Princeton: surprise attack - British faced their own problems. The war was costly. Britain was still recovering from debts from the Seven Years War 1) keeping armies in the field cost money (expensive) 2) interrupted trade. Costly to the British economy: Britain’s most important trading partner was the American colonies. This trade was ended by war, and it cost British merchants and businesses. Also, main revenue for the government was taxes on trade! It cost the people, the economy and the government. 3) Britain needed soldiers however were reluctant to send British soldiers to the colonies. Instead, they hired German mercenaries. Troops paid to fight. - Once France entered the war, there was the threat to the West Indies. Britain wanted to keep soldiers to protect their other colonies. - British soldiers might not fight, since it is killing their own kind! Colonists were British. British government weren’t really sure if it was a good idea to send lots of
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Last Bit of Revolution - Last Bit of Revolution Although...

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