1800 election - Jefferson wins

America: A Concise History, Volume 1: To 1877

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Alien Act: Took away vote from prospective republicans. Lengthened term to 14 years for citizenship Sedition Act: made it a crime to criticize the government. Result: even though the Federalists intended these measures to give them MORE support, it demonstrated the lengths at which the Federalists would go to save power. IT cost them power. In 1800, the presidential election had a number of candidates. The way that it worked is that the person who got the highest number of votes became president. Whoever got 2 nd number of votes would become VP. Result: they hate each other. In 1796, John Adams was president and Thomas Jefferson was VICE PRESIDENT. Jefferson was VP in Adams era. But the two never talked, they couldn’t stand each other. What happened is that you would run a number of republican candidates, and hope that both get in. In 1800s, Federalists unpopular due to alien and sedition acts. Jefferson and Adams were candidates. There was another republican candidate named Aaron Burr. Same party as Jefferson. Jefferson, Adams, Pinckney. The most important figure in this election was someone who was not a candidate . He had failed to win his party’s support. Alexander Hamilton failed to win his party’s support, and he was not in the running. Adams beat Hamilton out for Federalist support. But
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1800 election - Jefferson wins - Alien Act Took away vote...

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