The Era of Good Feeling - questions

America: A Concise History, Volume 1: To 1877

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The Era of Good Feeling – Questions 133 1. Why was the period following the War of 1812 labeled the Era of Good Feelings? - Chief reason political. - No political squabbles: one political party (federalists finished). This was political stability, for a time (would not last). - National pride after war of 1812 (won the last battle of New Orleans, even though they did not make territorial gains) - Economy was picking up. After a few hiccups at the end of the war (as imports started to flood into the country again) the economy. 2. Explain the Monroe Doctrine in your own words.***exam*** - European powers should stay out of the Americas. US responsible for what happens in the Americas. Important for relation with America’s neighbors - Over the years, the other part about the US being responsible for what happens in South America becomes every more important. - Set precedent for American intervention in South American colonies. Powers would no longer colonize or interfere with the affairs of the newly independent nations of the Americas. The United States planned to stay neutral in wars between European powers and their colonies. However, if these latter types of wars were to occur in the Americas, the United States would view such action as hostile 3. List the main components of the American System proposed by Henry Clay. **exam** - which was part of the American System? Tariff, national bank, improvements in transportation - All of the above - Tariff limits imports , thus to encourage American domestic industry. -
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The Era of Good Feeling - questions - The Era of Good...

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