War of 1812 Editorial 2007

America: A Concise History, Volume 1: To 1877

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America and the War of 1812 Historical Editorial Assignment In 1812 the tensions which had been growing between Britain and America erupted into armed conflict. Newspapers in the United States (particularly outside New England) were filled with vitriolic attacks upon Britain, and demands for action to defend American honour. Having read the relevant pages in our hypertext (linked below), your assignment is to draft an editorial for the Philadelphia Gazette (the newspaper of which you are publisher and editor), demanding war and explain your reasons. As this is an editorial, argument and rhetoric are important as is historical accuracy and evidence.
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Unformatted text preview: Moreover, in most newspapers space is at a premium – therefore your editorial must not exceed 300 words. Anything longer will not be accepted by the printer (or the teacher)! Your editorial, therefore, must be: No longer than 300 words. Submitted electronically (email) no later than Monday 26 November . (file name: PGBrownC.doc – for Charlie Brown). It should have a clear argument, as well as use historical evidence drawn from American History (pp 119-28). A pro-war American political cartoon (1812)...
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