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America: A Concise History, Volume 1: To 1877

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November 27, 2007 – Era of Good Feeling The real reason it was given this reason was because of the politics, there was only one party. The Federlaists had been discredited by the war of 1812. However, this harmony was more apparent than real. There was simply no political party to fight it out. There were political disagreements – the same ones that existed before remained. Should you have a strong central government or should the power rest with the states? The Federalists had not disappeared, but the Federalist party as an operation had fallen apart. What happened was that anyone who wanted political power joined the Republican party. This created to sides to the Republican party. There was the Jeffersonian wing that believed in states rights, strong agriculture, small government. There was also a Nationalist wing – the Federalists who didn’t dare call themselves Federalists. They are arguing above all for national interests instead of state interests. What happens eventually is that these groups cannot co- exist together in the same party. The Jeffersonian wing becomes the democratic party (Andrew Jackson ) while the national wing becomes the Whig Party. However, between 1815-1825, there is one political party with split visions. There is another political division and conflict. That involved the Supreme Court. There,
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AP6 - Era of Good Feeling The real reason i t was given...

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