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AP 1

America: A Concise History, Volume 1: To 1877

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Compare and contrast the ways in which economic development affected politics in Massachusetts and Virginia in the period from 1607 to 1750. Similarities in differences between economies and political structure. Economies: Virginia Massachusetts - Agricultural (tobacco, *cash crop* ). Cash crops are most effectively grown on large farms. - Economy dominated by large landowners , owning large amounts of land. - Slave economy - Dominated by debt to Britain. The farmers borrow lots of money from BRITISH merchant and bankers. - Largely rural. No towns (since it is large land owners, plantations) - Agriculture, farms are smaller. Subsistence farms to produce food. Farm to support family, only a little bit of surplus that is sold to local markets. *not* growing marketable crop for livelihood - Tradesman and manufacture - Small manufacture: master craftsmen with journeyman and apprentices. - TOWNS. - Boston is the foremost among them. Cambridge, Boston, Plymouth, Salem, Concord, Deerfield, Quincy - Massachusetts dominated by little towns. - TRADE (ship building) - Massachusetts colony is much more diversified than Virginia colony – trade, manufacturing, ship building, fishing (Salem was a port). - Virginia colony = cash crops. Politics Virginia Massachusetts - Elites control what happens - Wealthy landowners dominate the political system - Concerned with: cost of labor (interested in slavery), land supply and demand. - Access to land. NEED MORE LAND. Expand. - MORE LAND increases production and augments the economy. - Elites control what happens - Two things make Massachusetts different - 1) Wealthiest in Massachusetts are not land owners, they are MERCHANTS AND LAWYERS. Not lots of land in New England. Own ships, warehouses. - 2) Massachusetts has towns. Towns
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- Managing their debt with Britain (permanently in debt) - Getting rid of French in interior to get more land. Getting rid of natives to expand - GEORGE WASHINGTON.
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AP 1 - Compare and contrast the ways in which economic...

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