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AP 2

America: A Concise History, Volume 1: To 1877

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Read chapter 6 – 7 for next class - British neglect of the colonies interests after the French and Indian War changed ideological, political and economic relations. - Increase British rule, hindrance of American colonies, worsen public opinion - Economic: increase colonial revenues through taxation - Ideological: - Document A: Britain now dominates the continent – political - Document B: Natives concerned of their land – especially a concern after the war - Document C: Washington admired the English. George Washington wants to serve his King and country. - Document D: This changes in the soldiers diary. Weren’t seen as equal. Ideological. He finds the British military establishment to be opressive - Document E: safe from enemy of wilderness (Natives). Safe from superstition (French Catholics) - They were deceived a few years after. He was saying so many things about the indulgent mother. At the same time, Document F: deciding to impose taxes. - Navigation acts enforced: back to mercantilism. - Not raising enough money to pay for it. Military needs revenue. Vast increase in territory makes trade regulation necessary (taxes). - Stamp Act. Different attitudes towards it. Ben Franklin, prominent colonists, preaching loyalty and the idea of collecting the taxes THEMSELVES. Frustration but not total rebellion. - Document H: stamp act is horrible. - Franklin is in Britain. In Pennsylvania, people don’t feel the same way. Franklin lived a long time in England and lost touch with what the mood was in the colonies. Two views of what is going on. Franklin thinks that everything is ok, to be loyal. Evidently in the colonies there is a very different view. - Document E: At the end of the Seven Years War, many of the colonists still regarded Britain with great affection! At first no change, then there was change. “Indulgent mother” After the Seven Years War: - soldiers, troops: QUARTERING - concentration of British Troops from 1763 to 1765. Shift to BOSTON.
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