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AP 4

America: A Concise History, Volume 1: To 1877

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American Revolution - Consequences of American Revolution. - To what extent did the American Revolution fundamentally change American society? - How much did the American Revolution really change? - Before, the colonial elite were running the revolution. They were also running the revolution afterwards (same people). - How revolutionary was it? - Document A: women are more independent. Picture is symbolic of women’s role in the revolution. The woman has a gun and a powder horn. Radical gender role. Many women indeed dressed as men to fight in the war. Also, women tagged along with the Continental Army. Changed American society because women have a greater role. They are taking on the role of man. - Document B: Divide between loyalists and colonists after the war. Fundamentally changes society because loyalists are gone. There is no place for loyalists. Loyalist exodus, property taken in most instances, even though they were supposed to be compensated. Tensions between American and Britain after the war. Also reveals the opinion of the British towards loyalists. Loyalists who went to Britain did not do very well – they did not fit in. This is why loyalists came to Canada – no future in Britain. For the loyalists and the Patriots it is quite a revolution - Document C: Aboriginals send message to the Congress. Just after Britain signed the peace treaty. Appealing to the colonies. Possibility of a new relation? Likely not. -
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AP 4 - American Revolution Consequences of American...

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