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America: A Concise History, Volume 1: To 1877

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AP 5 REPUBLICANISM - United States modeled itself on a republic - They wanted to model themselves on the ROMAN REPUBLIC IDEALS. - Equality – no aristocracy - Personal virtue – farming/being a farmer - Society of Cincinnatus (Cincinnati) – Roman military officer who gave up his power in order to return to be a farmer. They gave him all power, he gave it up. - Society of Cincinattus was the organization of former officers in the Continental Congress. - Roman republican ideal. They were convinced on this. - Most nations of the world were monarchies – looking for republican models did not exist. - The man who symbolized the republican ideal was Thomas Jefferson. Although he supported the Constitution, he quickly fell out with the federalists. He started a political party called the Democratic Republicans. - Democratic Republicans (Jefferson): focused on the poor, whereas FEDERALISTS were associated with merchants, were friendly with the British. . DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS had close relations with the French. They were focused on farmers. In 1800, they won the election, Thomas Jefferson was the 3 rd president. This was the democratic revolution in America. A new organization, representing equality. - In America at the time of Democratic Republicans: growth in political power for ordinary people. Suffrage extended to ALL tax paying people. Between the 1790s and the 1820s, UNIVERSAL male suffrage increases in most states. - Before there was a property qualification. As a republican government, this increased. - Many had universal suffrage, but the restrictions are light. - United States had ALL MEN VOTING. - In terms of the role of women, this increased in the democratic republicanism. There was an increase in women’s equality. Tied into the republican idea is that men and women are free to make their own choices about who they marry. Some of this must be due to Democratic Republicanism. Some of this is due to parents not having land to give their children. - Families are not quite as hierarchical. - In terms of religion, in the early 1800s, there was a SECOND GREAT AWAKENING. The Second Great awakening was even more democratic. It was even more outside. The second great awakening was VERY much something going out in the fields amongst the ordinary. Massive revival meetings. The
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AP 5 - AP 5 REPUBLICANISM United States modeled itself on a...

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