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Article 1 - Charles Lummis from Letters from the...

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Charles Lummis , from Letters from the Southwest (1884-1885): You see, Los Angeles is one of the most unique cities. It is not a commercial emporium, not a political or railroad center. It is a great colony of prosperous and cultured seekers for a place of residence where the condition of life shall be most favorable, where nature is most profuse in all her gifts—in fine, people who are not content to exist anywhere, so that they do exist, but demand to live in the Garden of Eden. Mary Austin , Earth Horizon—An Autobiography (1932), reflecting about Los Angeles in late summer 1888: At Los Angeles, she was daunted by the wrack of the lately ‘busted’ boom; the jerry- built bungalows, the blameless young palms abandoned along with the avenues they had been planted to adorn. The unwatered palms had a hurt but courageous look, as of young wives when they first suspect that their marriages may be turning out badly. One recoiled from the evidences of planlessness, the unimaginative economic greed, the idiot excitation of mere bigness, the strange shapeless ugliness…..Mary was frightened.
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