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Sheet1 Page 1 O 1900 015 (001) (FALL 2009) (HIST_015_001_09F) > ASSIGNMENTS End navigation links Assignments Item Essay prompt H15 Midterm (54.57 Kb) World History: 1500 to 1900 Essay prompt The Enlightenment, the French Revolution and 19th century socialism shared a belief in progress. How did these three movem The essay should be four pages, typed and double-spaced. It is due in lecture on November 19. T Item Midterm Essay Prompts H15 Midterm (54.57 Kb) MIDTERM ESSAY PROMPTS Respond to both of the questions below in separate essays. Each essay should be a minimum to two pages long. The essay s 1. Compare the different economic structures of colonial Latin America and colonial New England, drawing from Eduardo Gale
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Unformatted text preview: 2. How did the slave trade benefit the European economy while contributing to Africa±s underdevelopment? Draw from Walter R 2 Item Final essay prompt H15 final.doc (22.5 Kb) World History: 1500 to 1900 Final essay prompt The imperialist Cecil Rhodes, the anti-imperialist Vladimir Lenin and the Enlightenment artist Francisco Goya all meet the colo n Be sure to discuss each character& s political ideas and their place in history, using material from the lectures, discussions, an d Three pages typed, double-spaced. Due in lecture on Thursday, December 3....
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