Outline of Imperialism

Outline of Imperialism - IMPERIALISM I II III General...

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IMPERIALISM I General Overview of Imperialism II Lenin’s Theory of Monopoly Finance Capitalism and Its Relation to Imperialism III Inter-Imperialist and Anti-Imperialist Wars I General Overview of Imperialism Most of the remaining topics in this class have been characterized by historians as examples of ‘imperialism’. This includes the colonization of Africa, the subversion of Latin American independence by British ‘free trade’, British colonialism in India, the Opium Wars, the Mexican-American War, the Spanish-American War and the U.S. annexation of the Philippines. The term ‘imperialism’ has also been used to describe the intervention of Western Powers in the modern Middle East (a topic that was addressed in the previous lesson). What exactly is intended by this word ‘imperialism’? To begin a definition, it is not necessary to clearly distinguish ‘imperialism’ from ‘colonialism’ because the historical practice of these two terms overlap substantially. What is central to both is the control of one territory’s resources by another territory : these resources include natural resources, human resources (labor) and markets. ‘Colonialism’ most distinguishes itself from imperialism by the sending of settlers (‘colonists’) from the dominant territory to live (and rule) over the dominated territory. The instances of imperialism noted above were sometimes accompanied by the sending of settlers (particularly in Africa) while other times not. In more historical terms, modern imperialism is defined by the vast empire building of three great powers since the early 1800s: the British Empire, the French Empire, and eventually the American Empire. To these three great imperialist powers may be added other smaller ones: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Russia and Japan. By 1900 the three main imperialist powers controlled over one third of the world’s territory. Imperialism
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Outline of Imperialism - IMPERIALISM I II III General...

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