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MCDB 1B Course Information, Winter 2010 MCDB 1B MCDB 1B is an introduction to: Animal Physiology by Dr. Seng Hui Low (LSB, Rm. 2111, [email protected]) Plant (and Animal) Physiology by Dr. Ruth Finkelstein (Bio II, Rm. 2127, [email protected]) MCDB 1B lectures are in Campbell Hall from 12-12:50 PM The academic coordinator for this course is Dr. Douglas Bush (4326 LSB, [email protected] ). Dr. Bush is responsible for handling all problems connected with laboratory enrollment, petitions, missed exams, incomplete work, and all administrative matters pertaining to MCDB 1B, 1BL and 1BZ. The best time to find Dr. Bush is immediately after class in Campbell Hall. Exam Schedule Midterm Exam Wed. Feb. 10 Dr. Weimbs’ lectures. 100 pts Final Exam Wed. Mar. 17 Dr. Finkelstein’s lectures 100 pts 12-3 PM Total: 200 pts The Final Exam will only cover material presented by Dr. Finkelstein (which includes some animal physiology as well as plant physiology). No early finals will be given. An opportunity to earn extra credit points by taking online quizzes will be announced during the second part of the quarter. Missed MCDB 1B Exams: If you miss an exam due to illness or emergency, contact Dr. Bush within 24 hours . Make-up exams are permitted only if you provide written verification of the illness or emergency. Please note - oversleeping is not considered an emergency. Buy two alarm clocks! The midterm exam ends at 12:50 pm. MCDB 1B Text Book and study resources: The text is Life, The Science of Biology by Sadava, Heller, Orians, Purves, and Hillis ( 8th Edition ) available at the bookstores. The Text is also available as an ebook to view on your computer (for details see the website: ), and is on reserve in Davidson Library.
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This note was uploaded on 01/11/2010 for the course MCDB MCDB 1B taught by Professor Weimbs,finklestein during the Winter '09 term at UCSB.

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Syllabus_MCDB_1B_2010 - MCDB 1B Course Information Winter...

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