REL 308 - study guide for Islam exam 2

REL 308 - study guide for Islam exam 2 - ISLAM: Study Guide...

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ISLAM: Study Guide for Exam 2. Exam will cover material from Sept. 29th to Oct. 29th. There will be multiple choice, mini-essays and a major essay in addition to the typed essay of 500-600 words on historical developments in the understanding of Jihad that is to be brought to the exam. Be able to identify, define or explain terms discussed in class, especially those listed on syllabus under "terms to know" (Consult glossary in text and, when necessary, a dictionary of world religions). Be able to: - identify key features of the Medina Document. - historical factors that triggered divisions between Sunni & Shi'a Muslims in the 7th century and contrast those issues with the factors that are dividing these groups in Iraq today. (see Time article). Sunny and Shia may disagree on some matters or details but these differences are small. They agree on both important tenets of the faith, like infallibility of Quran and they venerate the Prophet Mohammed. What makes Iraqis to fight today is not religion but common historical experience. Shia see themselves as oppressed and see Sunnis as opressors. The origin of complications started in the 7 th century after the dearth of Prophet Mohammed. Sunnis are claiming that Prophet Mohammed did not assign successor after him while Shia is Considering Imam Ali and eleven Imams from his family to be the successor. What triggered the issue in Iraq in the recent years is the bombing of Samarra’s golden-domed shrine - compare and contrast religious differences between Sunni and Shi'a (attitudes toward authority and the arts.) Shia: - Leader should be both political and spiritual (religious) - Imam should be from the Prophet Mohammed family. Sunni:
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REL 308 - study guide for Islam exam 2 - ISLAM: Study Guide...

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