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BAI 150 Academic Integrity Instructions

BAI 150 Academic Integrity Instructions - ACADEMIC...

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Unformatted text preview: ACADEMIC INTEGRITY ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS Print off two copies of your answers (or bring your laptop to class, making sure you have access to the file containing your answers). Turn in: One copy of your completed answer sheet. Bring to class : Second copy (or laptop with file) of the answer sheet. We will go over it in class. Directions for Assignment The purpose of this assignment is to make you aware of what constitutes academic dishonesty as codified in the Academic Honor Code, including cheating, plagiarism, grade alteration, deception, etc. This assignment will illustrate the penalties associated with acts of academic dishonesty and the procedures (including appeal procedures) that must be followed in such cases. To begin, the following files are attached:-BAI 150 Academic Integrity MiniCases.doc-BAI 150 Academic Integrity MiniCase Ans.doc You must review these cases to evaluate whether or not an act of academic dishonesty and thus a violation of UD’s Honor Code has occurred and what, if any, penalty should be imposed. You should refer to the following websites Honor Code has occurred and what, if any, penalty should be imposed....
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