Syllabus FIN360 Fall 09

Syllabus FIN360 Fall 09 - University of Dayton Economics...

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University of Dayton Course Syllabus COURSE TITLE: FIN360 - Investments TERM: August 26, 2009 – December 18, 2009 CLASSES MEET: T/TH: 1:30 – 2:45 in MH109 CREDIT HOURS: 3 PREREQUISITE: FIN301 – Business Finance INSTRUCTOR: Don Shimmin Office: Miriam Hall 615 Phone: 937-229-3862 E-mail [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: M,T,W,TH: 3:00 – 4:00 P.M. Others by appointment TEXTBOOK: Bodie, Kane, and Marcus, Essentials of Investments , 7/E McGraw Hill, 2008. FINANCIAL CALCULATOR: TI Business Analyst II Plus , highly recommended. All class examples will be performed on the TI BA II Plus. SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL: As assigned. FINAL: Tuesday, December 15, 1:30 P.M. to 2:45 P.M. Mission of the UD SBA: The School of Business Administration is a learning community committed in the Marianist tradition to educating the whole person and to connecting learning and scholarship with leadership and service in an innovative business curriculum designed to prepare students for successful careers in the contemporary business environment.
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COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. Understand the basic operations of financial markets. 2. Become familiar with different types of investments including, but not limited to, stocks, bonds and mutual funds. 3. Understand the relationship between risk and return and be able to use the relationship in portfolio construction. 4. Be able to apply basic valuation techniques to stocks and bonds. 5. Learn to question. METHODOLOGY:
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Syllabus FIN360 Fall 09 - University of Dayton Economics...

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