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**S*\ Ar"e\*9 ' Quiz 1 Math 74 Septenber 8, 2006 1. Wrjte dom the negation ol ihe followins sratenent ,.For olt , € R srch rhar , * t, it the qMtitYr'!>0Urdr>1.'r lf,e'<- eris\ XeR suci. ril,*\ x* \ , o^d *, 'O, \o\ x<\' 2.Twosets14ddBdecalleddisjaintilAaB:b-Snw ilsi if /4 md B de disjoini sers such ihat ,4 g
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Unformatted text preview: = u. Lu\ A "'r B h. sds <",J^ +\""\ As I "1 An8--d. $ept {*\ xe\. I\"^ xeB, si'",-A \.0. sok"1 "\ R \* xe A''B :d. T\.". .f-, e't1 e\e"*\ "q A t q\s o,\ e\e""a."i "Q d, ." Ae d t.lq \.'rs d< A -Ua q 1\^or,e',r i\ c\o.ss) * A=d 1 wlie dtM .be qr ot |erjed .aud6 uing q- bu.ldpr 0o'a on. v)- J fr,., i u....
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