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"*"'So\olrons Quiz 5 Math 74 November 1, 2006 " t'-ttto' An ile,"\ is q ^d s!b!€1 Ts Z so,t^ *Lt r (i) J\ q,beJ, +\e q+\€Jj (ii) T.\ ae T, {\r^^, - c^ e f, 2. State the Euctdem alsoLiilm. v,r oJ n b i"leg's (""t k1\ ze-). -T\a $*" exists q,! e Z s.xl^ *Li XcA (r'r'n) ' av'r+ bn' 3. Let e, fl € Z (!ot boih zero). Use iLe Euclidem slsorithm to 6ho{ Nhat n ed n ee
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Unformatted text preview: relatively prjne il ed only if thele ei6i 4, , € Z snch thai am + 6n : I \"q9"" $*1 la,Le / sd^ \Lo,\ an+g = l. L"\ I a cr\,rvh.^ JiJL.c o\ .',.' "..\ n. TLq^ d|G"-L.), s. d\r . s" J. =4. f\"s S"I(*,i =1. \W +[* t.d.(-,.\=I -rL^lr 1{.6d1J""^ N\;ua, :\\-." eri<\s a,!e/ s"\ *L4 o,,r+t" = 1 ....
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