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Unit Two Quizzes: Chapters 6, 7, and 9: Fall 2007 Page 1 of 2 LAWS 3930, Business Law Fundamentals O'Hara © 2007 QUIZ Sep. 17: Chap. 6 1. Defamation of character includes wrongfully hurting a person's good reputation. If that defamation is ____________________ , then that is slander. If that defamation is ____________________ , then that is libel. 2. A defendant commits common law fraud of misrepresentation when the defendant ____________________ and intentionally misrepresents a ____________________ fact thereby inducing the plaintiff's ____________________ reliance and proximately ____________________ the plaintiff's injury. 3. The federal CAN-SPAM act ____________________ the SPAM laws of the individual USA States except for certain provisions related to ____________________ email practices. QUIZ Sep. 19: Chap. 7 1. A defendant commits the tort of negligence when the defendant breaches a ____________________ of care owed to the plaintiff when that breach by the defendant is the ____________________ cause of the plaintiff's injury;
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BLFf7Unit_Two_Quizzes_chap_6_7_and_9 - Unit Two Quizzes:...

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