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Units Nine and Eleven Quizzes Chapters 43, 44, 46, 49, and 50 Page 1 of 3 Business Law Fundamentals: LAWS 3930 O'Hara © 2007 CHAPTER 43 A. The legislative branch in the Enabling Act both creates an administrative agency and _[1]___________ powers to that agency. Substantive due process requires that sufficient procedural due processes controlled by the legislative, _[2]_______, and/or _[3]______ branches exist for oversight and control of that administrative agency. B. Administrative agencies frequently possess powers that ordinarily are held separately by the legislative, [2], or [3] branches. Rulemaking is a [1] legislative power. To use the rulemaking power the agency must provide the procedural due process of publishing the proposed rule in the Federal Register and publish the _[4]______ rule in the Code of Federal Regulations . The investigation power might be either a [1] legislative power or a [1] [2] power; but, the inspection power only is a [1] [2] power. An administrative law judge (ALJ) is not an Article III judge the ALJ generally acts like a trial judge within the scope of the administrative agency's [3] powers. C. A person's (both legal and natural, not merely citizens) Amendment IX implied right to privacy is a right of the people against governmental actions. Broadly, the government violates the people's right to privacy when the government seeks either to: [i] collect information about a person; or [ii] retain collected information about that person; or [iii] conceal information about that person from that person; or [iv] conduct government business out of the view of the people. The Freedom of _[5]_____ Act (FOIA), the Government in the _[6]_______ Act, the Regulatory Flexibility Act, and the Small Business
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BLFf7Units_9and11_Quiz_Chap_43_44_46_49_50 - Units Nine and...

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