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Comprehensive Final Exam December 14, 2009 Page 1 of 8 LAWS 3940, Legal and Ethical Applications O'Hara © 2009 ___________________________ PRINT your NAME as your signature PART A: maximum of 15 minutes INSTRUCTIONS: 1. This is a closed book and closed notes essay exam. It is an actual knowledge exam . 2. This exam requires the student to have two blue books and to write in ink . PRINT your name on to the cover of both your blue books. LABEL the front of one of your blue books FIRST DRAFT and label the front of the other SECOND DRAFT . 3. This exam ends promptly at 1:30 PM, Monday, December 14, 2009. Manage your time accordingly. 4. This exam document has three components: Part A (i.e., twenty vocabulary words from which you must pick ten); Part B (i.e., two food and ethics questions from which you must pick one); and the email "Introduction to Final Exam" sent 10 days ago to all students. All three components are included in the Part B document. 5. You shall pick ten words from Part A and you shall pick one question from Part B. 6. You shall use those Part A ten words in your one Part B essay. You may, but not required (unless context requires it) to use any of the other ten Part A words in your Part B essay. 7. You shall use your FIRST DRAFT blue book to organize and outline your thoughts as well as write your first draft of your essay. All of the content of this blue book may be single spaced. 8. You shall use your SECOND DRAFT blue book for your graded essay. WRITE YOUR SECOND DRAFT ESSAY DOUBLE SPACED. Penmanship is far more important in the SECOND DRAFT blue book than in the FIRST DRAFT blue book. Far more important. 9. If I can not read your penmanship, then you did not write anything . You might wish to consider printing your SECOND DRAFT . 10. This is an actual knowledge exam. Less is far more. You will adroitly demonstrate that you know what you know and that you know what you are reasonably expected to know when you completely cover a topic without including vast quantities of non-material and marginally related items.
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Comprehensive Final Exam December 14, 2009 Page 2 of 8 LAWS 3940, Legal and Ethical Applications O'Hara © 2009 11. Below are your twenty Part A words from which you must pick ten. Those twenty words are sorted as ten pairs of two words . You shall pick one word for each of those pairs of words. For example, the first pair is partner and director; and you shall pick either partner or director as one of your ten chosen words. 12. To "pick" a word you engage in two actions. First , you circle that word on this sheet of paper (which you shortly will return to the instructor). Second , you will copy your ten chosen words onto the inside front cover of your SECOND DRAFT blue book. 13. You also shall copy your chosen question onto the first lines of you second blue book (NOTE: these lines may be single spaced).
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