9.1 - 1. Monadology: intro -Discourse vs. Monadology;...

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1. Monadology: intro --Discourse vs. Monadology; Discourse: souls and organisms. --Helpful to keep in mind difference between appearance and reality. Plato: senses not reliable guide to grasping reality. In LZ; also in DC in moderate form. DC’s view coincides with Locke. Primary qualities are properties things really have. Secondary qualities are unreal. LZ’s more radical argues that even primary qualities aren’t real at rock-bottom of reality. --See monad theory as a form of atomism. Needs to be qualified: not physical unsplittable bodies. Only in sense of being basic building blocks of universe. Spiritual atoms. 2. The properties of monads. --building blocks must be unities and active. Simple, no parts; immaterial; indestructible. Relation of simplicity and indesctuctibility.—They have perceptions and appetitions. This all there is at rock-bottom MP level. Perception. Appetition is a striving or endeavor. --Assimilates the doctrines of Discourse MP to the theory of monads. EG, i) Identity of Indiscernibles. If A and B share all their properties, A=B. Contrapositive is Leibniz’s Law. Monads must be different from each other. ii) expression thesis. Goes further in theory of monads. Every monad perceives the whole universe according to its perspective. Does this mean they are conscious? No. Hence, departs from DC’s theory of consciousness. iii) denial of causal interaction between substances. P. 68. Par. 7. Monads
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9.1 - 1. Monadology: intro -Discourse vs. Monadology;...

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