2-glycolysis 03

2-glycolysis 03 - Problem Set 2-Glycolysis 1 A colleague...

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Problem Set- 2-Glycolysis 1. A colleague proposes to get more energy from glycolysis by engineering hexokinase to first allow the attack of glucose on the second P of ATP and then split off one of the P i of the glucose pyrophosphate. Show in detail the reaction he proposes and discuss its effect on the energetics of glycolysis. 2. Two reactions in glycolysis lead to the synthesis of ATP from ADP, and two reactions lead to the production of ADP from ATP. One of your fellow students assumes, therefore, that the pathway balances ATP perfectly because she feels that as much ATP is made as is used. If you agree, draw an example (including the chemical structures of the appropriate metabolic intermediates) of a reaction that uses and an example of a reaction that produces ATP in glycolysis. If you do not agree, explain why you disagree and describe in detail the actual ATP and phosphate balance of glycolysis. 3. A pathway known as gluconeogenesis (pyruvate to the synthesis of glucose) progresses, in general , through reactions similar to those of glycolysis, but in the reverse direction. a. If you used the strict reversal of the glycolytic pathway for the reactions necessary to achieve gluconeogenesis, diagram the single step that would produce fructose-6-phosphate from the previous metabolic intermediate. Show the structures of all of the substrates and products involved. Also, discuss the standard free energy change of that reaction. b. If you were interested solely in achieving efficient gluconeogenesis, what kind of reaction would you use instead of simply reversing the reaction that occurs in glycolysis, as above? Diagram your suggested reaction
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2-glycolysis 03 - Problem Set 2-Glycolysis 1 A colleague...

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