HW5_Solutions_40 - 一 ∮ 讠f/D →箸: EXtra Credit FloWchart for a forced draW game of Tic acˉ z r召 々乃 F 坊 `‘ ga Tang

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Unformatted text preview: 一 ∮ 讠f/D →箸 ::÷ EXtra Credit: FloWchart for a forced draW game of Tic亻 acˉ z彡 r召 々乃 F/ 坊 饧 `‘ ga Ⅱ Tang BME303 Toe The easiest、″ to progran∩ fora forCed draw game of πc-Tacay TOeis to a"ow the computer begins with the center p° sition`reduces the nunnber of possib"ities ofthe game. If such、 the onlv、 ″ forthe userto Win is ay to fornη a straight Ⅱ on the side、 and here are the four possibIe Winning Ⅱ ne ne` illustrated on the right. Hence,to draW a game,the comρ uter rnust have four ρ ositions each bIocking the formation ofthese four Ⅱ nes whⅡ e not f0rming any Ⅱ that ne wouId decIare vk艾 ory forthe comρ uter,such as depicted on the right. AforeJ曲 ere口 re orher卩 °ss池 re pⅡfJ° 刀加 g,bvr they tfo n。 Fg〃 口rtI刀 ree口 rorced d田 W,os仂 e∞ m卩 口:er moy叨 刀 rseespecF口 rcums臼 nces,. `・ In orderto teⅡ the connputer to exeCute such deCision,a Vectoris use in the format of: [000000000100000000] 123456789 to shoW the status of each ce"、 and the number underneath indicate the positi° n ofthe Ce"(Ⅱ Iustrated on the right⒈ Notice at p° siti° n5、 the Value is o1'which means the cellis occupied by the computer. If the Ce"is unoccuρ ied`the value is O0;ifthe ce"i$occupied by the player`the vaIue is10 Based on the ava"ab"∶ ty ofthe ce"s`the computer can choose to ρ ositi0n in8di仟 erent Way%Which are the rotations and reflections of the iⅡ ustrated pattern. The ρ ositions are: 2 7 6 2 94 4 3 8 4 9 2 NOte: there are repeated positions, 鞲鞲鞯鞲 6 1 8 6 7 2 but these8sequencing ofthe positions is VltaIto the computer under di仟 erent situations`see deta∶ ∶ speciaI circumstances n l 8 1 6 8 3 4 擀鞲热鞯 ln add∶ tion to command the computerto obtain these3other position∶ n such ρ erns, a仗 Iayer has pIaCed in mo a曲 acent the connρ uter rnust be programmed to bIoc△ such thatifthe ρ ce"s`the computer rnust preVent the user from fornη ing the straight"ne.To do so`each t∶ Fne after uρ dating the vector`the computer must cheCk the vector and respond using conditional command: if the pos∶ t∶ on$#and#are occupied by the player with the vector value of10`then 5 If plaver occupIed posit∶ the value of positi° n#must change into01`and the possibilities are beloW: If 丨 ρayer occupied positions1and2` ons3and6` then occupy position3 If pIayer occupied positions2and:` then occupy positi° If then occupy position9 6. 丨 pIaver occupied positions6and9` f then occupy pos什 ion3 n1 7 !ayer occupied p° $itions1and钆 ρ 1f plaVer occupied position$7and8` then occupy position9, then ocCuρ y po$ition7 4 If player occupied positions4and7、 then occuρ y position1 speciaI Circumsta"ces: NotiCed the posit∶ ns ° the progran∩ 8, lf player occupied positions8and9` then occupy position7 commanded the computerto obtain do not a"ow the pIayer Ⅱ to have two opposite edges`this is because the Computer、 ″Iforced to win in such posit∶ on(or its rotations and refIections)When f° llowing the code to obtain best possibIe posit∶ ons. The dashes indicate another possibIe pathway: #鞲 step1 step2 step6-2 step4ˉ 1 steρ 3 step4 VidorV1 擀 EⅡ dingˉ 擀 step5-3 step6-3 V:doγ -31 2 ViCtorV32 since the computer has atIeasttWo marks When the pIayer adempts to obtain the opposite edge`the con∩ puter wouId hintthe playerto bIoCk using the block mechanism VVhen do so` the sequencing ofthe positions and the eⅡ minations of these sequences based on the pIayer 鞲硼擀 step5 moVes(such thatif player oCCupied cell2`any ofthe8sequences that contains2would be eliminated)play an impo仗 ant role as aforementioned: DraW ng the sequence: step5-2 鞲鞲 Lose 鞲 擀 When the computer Π nished obtaining the required poskions using the sequencesP the game is a forced draw。 The fIowchart of the pr° gram: o【 s0Ia,a珀 田幅 amJ olaIqF ″ 0旨 Computer,Xls n哂 网 △ output",dateu ved。 ' 口 山 veoorwh、 钾 Ⅱ 旬刂 imt-lth。 冖mol "c user ‘啪 nmruvl叱 妤 "the roqulmJ p。 si1oⅡ lIshB the Jue"sequemces c。 mu"u。 to岫 io山 由 "op9osIte 氵 △ there∞ ms” 曲 re C"eCk fort"e 确 ue O0● (Ckk me∞ 焖 bl。 ck auolhb0ivl "∞ ...
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HW5_Solutions_40 - 一 ∮ 讠f/D →箸: EXtra Credit FloWchart for a forced draW game of Tic acˉ z r召 々乃 F 坊 `‘ ga Tang

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