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Lab 6 instructions - R2=xAAAA AND: store in R3=R1AND R0 AND...

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Instructions for Lab 6 Notice: except For problem 2: On page 103 of the text book, ADD instruction is: "Add the contents of register 2(R2) to the contents of R6, and store the result back into R6" Code is: ADD ADD R6 R2 R6 0001 110 010 0 00 110 For problem 4: AND+NOT CONDITION: R0=x3000 R1=x1000 R3=x3FFF
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Unformatted text preview: R2=xAAAA AND: store in R3=R1AND R0 AND R3 R1 R0 0101 011 001 00 000 NOT: store in R3=NOT R5 NOT R3 R5 1001 011 101 111111 For the rest problems, if you need to set the initial values of R0~R3, please use the values given out in problem 4 conditions....
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