Urinary System - Urinary System Urin/o urine Uro urine...

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Urinary System Urin/o – urine Uro – urine Urinophil – likes urine Urodynia – difficulty/pain urinating Urogram – xray of bladder/ureter Uroplania – process or condition where urine is outside where it’s supposed to be Albumin/o – protein Albuinuria – albumin in urine Albumine is a specific type of protein Albuminorrhea – albumin in the urine (basically a flow) Albuminocholia – albumin in the bowels/bile Albumin – L. Albumen – egg white Regulates blood pressure Bacteri/o – bacteria (little rod) Bacteriuria – bacteria in the urine Bacteriostasis – stopping of bacteria growth Bactericide – a chemical that kills bacteria Antonie van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723) ‘Animalcule’ Improvement of the microscope Father of microbiology Cyst/o – bladder or sac Cystitis – inflammation of the urinary bladder Cystorrhexis – rupture of the urinary bladder Cystectasy – expansion of the bladder/dilation Vesic/o – bladder or vesicle Vesicocervical – pertaining to the cervix Vesicoclysis – Clysis – Gr. Klyzein – to wash away – klyster is something that you put in someone to wash them out, like an enema Dips/o – thirst Polydipsia – excessive thirst Psychogenic nocturnal polydipsia syndrome – combination of symptoms that come together to give you a condition Things that run together – syndrome
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Psychogenic – beginning/origin in the mind Nocturnal – Ren/o – kidney Renocutaneous – kidney in the skin Nephr/o – heminephrectomy – removal of part/half of the kidney Nephroptosis – downward displacement of the kidney Nephropththisis – wasting away of the kidney because of tuberculosis Glomerul/o – glomerulus (ball shaped)
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Urinary System - Urinary System Urin/o urine Uro urine...

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