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review3f09ttch14 - McCord Exam 3 MO Theory 53130 TTh Fall...

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Which Chapter/Sections are covered? You were never tested (on exam 2) over MO Theory. This matches up with sections 2-6 from Chapter 14. Exam 3 will have at least 5 MO theory questions. Remember, you might also review some VB Theory also ( section 1) because it is there that sigma and pi bonding are defined and discussed. Also, part of all this is the combination of MO theory and VB theory. Look back at the review sheet from exam 2 to see points made on VB theory - I will not repeat them here. The QUESTIONS on the exam will be on MO theory though (or the combination of MO and VB). MO Theory In MO theory we use the atomic orbitals ( ± wavefunctions) to generate new orbitals (wavefunctions) for the electrons in the complete molecule. For each atomic orbital we will get a new molecular orbital. MO theory still uses the ± and ² designations for bonding orbitals. MO also introduces antibonding orbitals ± * and ² *. Antibonding orbitals are the result of destructive interference when combining the wavefunctions for the
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