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CS201-02 - Introduction to Programming Lecture 2 Today’s...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Programming Lecture 2 Today’s Lecture Software Categories System Software Application Software Introduction to ‘C’ Language History Evolution Justification Development Environment of ‘C’ There are two main categories of software System software Application Software TWAIN Technology Without An Interesting Name ANSI C Tools of the trade Editor Interpreter and Compilers Debuggers Integrated Development Environment (IDE) It contains Editor Compilers Debugger Linkers Loaders Editor Preprocessor Compiler Linker Loader Disk Disk Disk Disk Disk Program is created in the editor and stored on disk. Preprocessor program processes the code. Compiler creates object code and stores it on disk. Linker links the object code with the libraries Primary Memory Loader puts program in memory. Primary Memory CPU CPU takes each instruction and executes it, possibly storing new data values as the program executes. ...
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