06HWLogistics - CS108 Stanford Winter 2010 Handout#6 Young...

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CS108, Stanford Handout #6 Winter 2010 Young CS108 HW Logistics Handout written by Nick Parlante Homeworks The homeworks look like systems -- made of many parts Do not start them the night before We grade the homeworks mostly by their computing correct output, and we look at your source code / OOP style a little. You should aim to write reasonably clean looking code. If code has excessively bad style, we will take points off. More importantly, you should write clean code just because it's the best way to author something that is satisfying and works correctly. You should not change public interfaces -- often we have some grading code that goes through the public interfaces, methods, etc., and that will break if you start changing methods around. You are free to add methods etc. that do not break the public interfaces. Very often my solution has the main method and then a decomposed out private helper method to tame the complexity. The starter code will often include the prototypes for methods you need to write and sometimes other boilerplate code. A starter method may include a throwaway line like "return 0;" just so it compiles when you first load the project. For testing, your code should return the correct output when fed valid inputs and called in correct ways. We will not worry about what happens when your code is fed invalid data unless the assignment specifically says you must handle bad input. You code can assume that all inputs are formatted and structured correctly. Your solution should work
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This note was uploaded on 01/12/2010 for the course CS 108 taught by Professor Jimenez during the Winter '08 term at Stanford.

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06HWLogistics - CS108 Stanford Winter 2010 Handout#6 Young...

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