math 218 fall 2003 final

We suspect that the cereal boxes contain on average

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Unformatted text preview: 9. The Healthy Food Company claims that its cereal boxes contain, on average, 453 grams of cereal. We suspect that the cereal boxes contain, on average, less than claimed. You decide to test the claim by inspecting 6 randomly selected boxes, and get the following weights: 454, 447, 452, 446, 450, 445. Assume that the amount of cereal in a box follows a normal distribution. (a) Formulate the null and the alternative hypotheses. (b) Which statistic should be used to test these hypotheses? Evaluate it numerically. (c) Formulate the rejection rule at 5% significance level. Using your computation in (b), decide whether the null hypothesis should be rejected. (d) At which of...
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