math 218 fall 2003 final

B find the marginal probability distribution of x c

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Unformatted text preview: of rentals (movies and games) of a randomly chosen household in a week is greater than three. (b) Find the marginal probability distribution of X . (c) Find the expected value, and standard deviation of X . (d) 100 households are randomly selected. Find the probability that the total number of movies rented in a week by these households is 160 or fewer. 3 Problem 8. A survey of 50 people at a movie theater showed that 38 of them bought popcorn at the theater. (a) Find the point estimate for the proportion p of people who buy popcorn at the movies. (b) Calculate the 90% confidence interval for p. (c) You want to conduct another survey to estimate p to within 5% with 90% confidence. How large should your sample size be? Problem...
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