math 218 fall 2003 final

E are under 30 and cash independent events explain

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Unformatted text preview: cash. (e) Are “Under $30” and “Cash” independent events? Explain. Problem 2. A carnival has three games. In Game A, the player has a 4% chance of winning. In Game B, the player has a 3% chance, and in Game C, a 2% chance. You know that your friend, who likes the carnival, is equally likely to play any of the three games. (a) Draw a tree diagram to depict this situation. Include all events and probabilities (conditional and joint) involved. (b) You go to the carnival and see your friend with a stuffed dragon which she won at one of the games. What is the probability that she won it at Game A? (c) Inspired by your friend’s success, you decide to play one game. Unfortunately, Game A has ceased...
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