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1. Alternative Systems a. Goals of Alternative Systems i) Efficiency ii) Freedom iii) Equality b. Failures of the Market i) Monopolies ii) Provision of Public Goods and Free Riders iii) Externalities iv) Asymmetric Information v) Instability and Unfairness 2. Anarchists a. See no need for government because it is controlled by and serves the ruliung elite and rich capitalists b. Bomb-Throwers i) Destroy government and capitalists ii) Includes Sacco Vanzetti, Bakunin, Nihilists, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: c. Pacifists i) Live in peace without government ii) Includes Tolstoi, Godfrey, etc. 3. Syndicalists a. also against government, but industries would be individually owned by unions b. Includes Georges Sorel, French Indicative, Tito, etc. 4. Som a. Cruel, oligarchic group owns capital and land which should instead be owned by the government/society...
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