Study Guide for Exam _3 (HIST171)0

Study Guide for Exam _3 (HIST171)0 - HIST 171 World History...

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HIST 171 World History Since 1500 Study Guide #1 for Final Exam I. The Paris Peace Conference (Ways of the World text, pp. 631-32; Margaret MacMillan, "Lessons from History? The Paris Peace conference of 1919" and Eric Lawlor, “His Name Meant 'Father Turk'” -- both available on Weblinks page on RamCT ) (possible essay) Who were the three primary decision makers at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919? As noted in class, what were important principles did they hope to base their goal of a “wise, just and lasting peace”? As noted in the MacMillan article and in class, what factors made framing such a peace so difficult? What were the major terms of the Treat of Versailles ending the war with Germany and why did the Germans feel this was such an unjust and unfair treaty? What are the major criticisms made of the work of the Paris Peace Conference and how valid are they? The big three were: Georges Clemenceau-Premier of France David Lloyd George-Prime Minister of Great Britain. Woodrow Wilson-President of the U.S. Principles to base peace upon:  Security-freedom from fear of aggression (esp. german aggression) National Self determitation Woodrow Wilson: “all well-defined national aspirations shall be accorded the utmost satisfaction that 
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Study Guide for Exam _3 (HIST171)0 - HIST 171 World History...

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