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Unformatted text preview: Module 11 Electrical Properties (iii) Eguilibrium concentration of electrons and holes :2: concentration of he: electrons, p: concIen’teration of hfiljs E b 15 4. 4“)“ 1 ”Ace- ‘II'Y dln‘n’ OJSVfi I And 69% q l I a- /’ " ' stale; 39% Linea. n = J‘ N( E)_/‘( E) dE integration over the conduction band gives the concentration of free electrons. _ N _ (Ev _ Er) solution for n can be expressed in terms of the effective density n — ( exp kT of states in the conduction band _ N _ (15F _ Ev) solution for p can be expressed in terms of the effective p _ V “I3 kT density of states in the valence band intrinsic n—rype p-type I7: #01er eérflw Pew Volum. (fl/szj [-92 1* O‘L AGI<5 per Valuw 10‘ ...
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