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Unformatted text preview: Module 11 Electrical Properties Organic (Polymer) Conductors and Semiconductors . most polymers are insulators o polymer molecules can be engineered to have a conjugated structure. . conjugation refers to pairs of double bonds separated by a single bonds. T T T T . e. .ofcon'u ation in ol ace lene C C C C Q J g_ .p Y ty Cy \C¢\C/\C/\C one of the earliest discovered I I | | I conducting polymers H H H H H 6 p-orbitals delocah‘sed orbital clouds example of delocalized orbitals in benzene ring . polyaniline (PANI) — values of n and m can be varied from 0 to 1 where controlled oxidation, thus controlling the conductivity. H . polypyrrole is another example of an important N organic semiconductor \ / (n+m=1) through / \ N H 17 ...
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