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Unformatted text preview: Lecture Module 8 - MechanicaI Properties Factors Affecting Creep Increasing 0 Increasing T Tune Tune (3) (b) . Steady State Creep Rate : 6" = K 0'” ~exp[ 33f ] l— 8. [VS Art/Lunch; wH‘n f‘eS‘fzcc‘} 4c Jemflm'ttuv-c . (6N 4‘ dr‘p-t—“th Wc'nawrgm\, AK CC 41“»; a fiaaw-cr-law“c1,eluhguho ah $+H£S. Jr VaUus a-c VI anJ Qt &(J—cv\é en 45v. WucIAaW‘sm aw! 4kg PaV‘L‘eu‘aw soy/urn. 8—17 ...
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