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Unformatted text preview: Module 10 Composites Composites What are composites and why are they important? 0 A Wlerr‘cvq rampage of a ('Cw‘b-MOQJVOV‘ of +000 or MOVC lirflc‘thC‘LKcJ mule/(«15 (“A (“mac“ug rfch—(J) Jo O‘O‘Lfiih our?” l”"PX"‘7‘rI “6'1.- avarlabk f,‘ fl Pu‘fc MOt‘J‘C/l‘d‘ ° (Kr/”We“; "aktn *0 Wain ar—L-r-(iwa lemlfo‘ s—err—Lu/YJ, RS UFOJOS‘QO‘ Jo at 4Wa v]; AA“ 68“: ’ibV‘IMM Mfc roJ'I‘YMt-Iwup-c ' 9.3 044 W—Lcw‘aQ My ha (‘l’ws‘xn «for fldnj'Hn aht'l 5‘ Sfle(c,¢l cm ,[c/ CIM(J"'IJ‘ * Properties can be engineered in a composite to achieve a combination of desired properties (e.g. mechanical, electrical, thermal, chemical, optical) 1. Design Criteria 0) rmicmds seleclram — (.3. wot—ids, cemwcr, Jluces) Pc‘ mu; (ii) Volunu; r-gpronr'lwm— ”lain” amawh 0‘ cw‘n flea“. (Ill) rcb‘MrJiVIlj — how 4N 4L4 (CWFoMn-flv—J Sffii‘ma arrarwdxd. Al ooflJ’Cm w-e have 0 éUperrecl PKaLe (MGM/HA 0t (sulfur/tau; marl/(x rikaS/C, or Mhrvxm‘tuh6 [(aMIt/‘HJ(J\ 'a(a_cf§ Composites Particle—reinforced Fiber-reinforced Structural Large» Dispersion- Continuous Discontinuous Laminates Sandwich particle strengthened (aligned) (short) panels Aligned Randomly l oriented ...
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