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Completed_Module_10_-_Composites2 - Module 10 Composites 2...

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Unformatted text preview: Module 10 Composites 2. Particulate Comgosites (Aggregate Composites) . Far-l‘clff arc $N‘P-2VS—cd (‘4 a (‘Ok‘L/‘MOUJ MQJ’ll‘X I . pav-lCclls are Smé 4. be ’e-lrw'axcé“ {‘1 flair Away-am: are amonx‘mwhla 4‘! saw {a All ARC—Lieu; a (aflMchv-ls ac' Gqu-‘n'cLeS [S antic-JMALHS'CAM ‘wki‘b ‘H’K mulwx LS (onmc-LJ M 3.0, Examples: (i) Structural Materials -— Camera-k. 53 a Pampas-'4: o! ”Ocki ané Sewn—J é\‘3\'>¢r.S-€:L I‘m CcMu/VL (PWJIWJ am; afraid alum“ summit). /C€Nv\+‘ (am also “(W-7.2.118, VC w 4‘, a Want- (riw‘ 4 l4 5;“; s or “w k s 04kt. '5- (ii) Cutting Tools QWVI—Lca’ (hr/Lick: /€j. germ-Ls“ a}: uram‘c ‘ W\.( LA (GWPcqu‘ef), » 0 Kai/é ceramic Pas/4r: lg; 4H 0 M4,“ M04"). (.3. we w ch “T" have ammics-v lav-W4 T-wshmss rs imprawcl lea 4,5?”de .u‘ (oi/5144 in a (clan/H or Nl‘rKK/Q Mu‘lrv‘x mnsM—L is a Rowe rot-HMJ 4rd #44 :3 i'rviearl- rrsrslaml. (iii) Mechanical-Electrical Switch Vv PM wlr (ng I‘n am At. main)? \ ‘ d W IS how! 5 34'5“} 43 is egg/'t‘ea/Ua (caduc-Jtvr, ”9 (omfcs:l-< (Ar/‘5 jgcd Maw rcsixvluuq 7 his.“ (‘G‘Ac'ut4'u'ilj . (iv) Automobile tires: \ 7(av5cn black“ I) flanoS’I'ZeO‘ (albth pclvvabt adobe! 4a a (‘0 a, my MOW/PX r—‘r‘xc‘xlgcQ‘ F 0 "m we. or 3 J“?! bark ’9 W64 V’ H S S‘J'ahq . ...
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