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i-o_chapter_118 - l Human Resources Consulting Firm Test...

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Unformatted text preview: l Human Resources Consulting Firm - - _ -. Test development and validation, interview training, assessment center design, ' - performance appraisal system design, career development programs. attitude surveys. - - " ' ' Market Research, Consulting, and Promotional Services Firm; -. Marketing Research Project Director ' j 3' __ . _ -_ - Apply social science research skills to proposai development, analysis, writing, _. .' - and presentation. - - - - International Airline, Assessment Center Specialist for Overseas Development _ ' _ _ -. . _ _ Coordinate and supervise assessment center ior evaluation of employees being . considered for promotion: Develop assessment materials, make recommendations to improve effectiveness, select and train staff to become qualified assessors. . Management Consulting Firm, Senior-Level Manager _ Oversee projects involving the sysrems approach to training, training technologies, and managementlcareer development training. Human Resource Research and Consulting Associates, I—O Project Manager ' " Work with interdisciplinary staff (psychologists, sociologists, computer science speciaiists, and educators} on information systems, tesr development. survey design, and equal employment issues, including providing expert witness testimony in selected court cases. Employee Decisions Consulting Firm, Director of Human Resources Provide services in counseling, coaching executive candidates for job'interviews, assessment and test interpretation, and career development. Pharmaceutical Firm, Manager of Psychological Services Design psychological strategies for employee testing and job analysis, assess legal considerations in hiring, research and recommend changes in corporate compensation procedures, develop and monitor performance appraisal practices. Public Utility (Gas and Electric Company), Executive Consultant in Organization Planning and Development Work with onions, line operations, human resource departments, and senior management groups to redesign human resource systems and impiement major organizationai changes. Electronics Corporation, Team Leadership and Communication Trainer Implement self-directed production work teams: Train workers in manufacturing team concepts, problem~solving techniques, leadership development. communications, and cooperative decision making. Monitor and evaluate programs and document resuits. Telecommunications Company, Human Resource Research Intern Pre-doctoral internship for person admitted to doctoral candidacy at accredited university to conduct research on human resource programs while working with licensed i-O psychologists and human resource professionals. State College, Assistant Professor of Psychology Teach courses in organizationai behavior, group processes, and tests and measurements; direct undergraduate research projects. ...
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