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GEN 105 CAPSTONE CHECKPOINTS You are at your graduation dinner. Your best friend or favorite relative stands up and talks about your five most significant strengths that contributed to your successful graduation from college. What do you think they are? Five most significant strengths that contributed to my successful graduation from college were: being self disciplined, responsible, determined, sacrificing and willingness to overcome all obstacles that may have tried to interfere with my goals. I was very self disciplined and punctual in doing assignments. I met all my requirements and complied with school policies. I was responsible and determined enough to know what was expected of me and how I had to get things done in order to be successful in college. I knew that I had to strive for nothing more than the very best. I also have sacrificed so much in going to college. I sometimes lack the time for myself but I knew all my hard work will pay off in the future. I was willing to continue my education and never for one second thought about giving up. I knew what I wanted, and how I
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