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07spr-m1 - Math 51 Exam 1 Name Section Leader(Circle one...

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Math 51 Exam 1 — April 24, 2007 Name : Section Leader : Theodora Peter Eric Henry Baosen (Circle one) Bourni Kim Schoenfeld Segerman Wu Complete the following problems. You may use any result from class you like, but if you cite a theorem be sure to verify the hypotheses are satisfied. In order to receive full credit, please show all of your work and justify your answers. You do not need to simplify your answers unless specifically instructed to do so. You have 90 minutes. This is a closed-book, closed-notes exam. No calculators or other electronic aids will be permitted. If you need extra room, use the back sides of each page. If you must use extra paper, make sure to write your name on it and attach it to this exam. Do not unstaple or detach pages from this exam. Please sign the following: “On my honor, I have neither given nor received any aid on this examination. I have furthermore abided by all other aspects of the honor code with respect to this examination.” Signature: The following boxes are strictly for grading purposes. Please do not mark. 1 10 pts 2 10 pts 3 10 pts 4 20 pts 5 14 pts 6 16 pts 7 20 pts Total 100 pts
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Math 51, Spring 2007 Exam 1 — April 24, 2007 Page 2 of 10 1. (10 points) Complete each of the following sentences.
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