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H08 Midterm solution - CS107 J Zelenski Midterm Solution...

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CS107 Handout #8 J Zelenski Nov 2, 2009 Midterm Solution Exam stats: median 53, mean 51, and standard deviation 12. The full histogram is below. I was pretty happy with the exam results. There were many extraordinarily good scores, several a point or two shy of perfect, and most exams showed quality effort and earned respectable scores. This exam required deep knowledge of challenging material and I can see you are generally keeping up with the demands. Bravo! The material in CS107 can be complex and we expect to see strong mastery of the details. Given our demanding criteria and intense deductions, you might worry that you are all doing horribly. The final letter grading for the class will be competitive but not that harsh. Expect the median net score to be in the neighborhood of a B+. The midterm is a small but relevant part of your grade. If your score indicates you don’t yet have a solid grip on the material or were not able to demonstrate your ability well on the exam, now is the time to figure out what changes you need to be making. You are welcome to come to talk to me to sort out where you stand and what it will take to get you back on track. Regrades:
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H08 Midterm solution - CS107 J Zelenski Midterm Solution...

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