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H12 Final Soln

H12 Final Soln - CS107 J Zelenski Handout#12 Solutions to...

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CS107 Handout #12 J Zelenski Dec 11, 2009 Solutions to final exam We devoted the entirety of Friday to wielding the mighty red pens. Exam stats: median 74, mean 73 and standard deviation of 19. Full histogram below: I tried to make the final a bit less crowded than midterm, and that seemed to be somewhat successful. It was by no means an easy exam, but it appeared that almost everyone had a chance to make a reasonable attempt at answering all the questions. There was strong evidence that most students are pretty on top of their C game and have solid IA32 chops. It was quite satisfying to see how well the class did as a whole. Buen hecho! We have some assignment grading left but have everyone working overtime to finish it off. Keep an eye on Courseware for updates. Your course grade will be comprised of 15% labs, 45% assignments, 15% midterm and 25% final. Course grades will be finished next week and posted to Axess. During grading, the staff agreed we thought you were a great group that had a more distinctive personality than most classes. (in a good way! ) The quarter has been a lot of fun and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. We're still working out the kinks in the new CS107, so if you have feedback you want to share, feel free to stop by to chat. And please join me in recognizing our most excellent TAs who contribute so much to the course, in ways both seen and unseen – Thanks!
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– 2 – Problem 1: Generics a)
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