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Marco Pais MGT 341: BGS Congressional Proposal Who would be the stakeholders? The primary stakeholders in this case are the residents of the tornado prone area. The secondary stakeholders are the legislators since they will be the ones debating the contours of the law. The families of the people who live in that area, financial institutions (they will be receiving interest from the loans that some of the families will have to take). The city/state for they will be collecting tax money for every item that is sold. The construction companies will also be stakeholders since they will have a profit in building these “safe rooms”. Also any other organization that maybe be directly or indirectly involved in the building of these safe rooms. What positions for or against would you see them taking? I believe that most people with low income would oppose this law because very simply, they don’t have the money to pay for it. If they don’t have money to pay for it they will have to take out loans that they can’t possibly pay back on time therefore going into greater debt. Also if
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CongressionalProposal - Marco Pais MGT 341 BGS...

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