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Unformatted text preview: /1 The Truth Behind Our Identity Dr. Campbell Writing Workshop Identity Paper The Truth Behind our Identities At times we are all asked to define ourselves, but how can we define ourselves when we might not even know the depth of our personality? We can all give a gut reaction for instance, “I’m a jock” or “I’m a geek. ” These are just two of the thousands of personality types that human nature has cultivated throughout time. But does each of us only have one of these personalities inside of us? My contention is no. Although I believe that we all have a dominant personality based on the environment that we surround ourselves with, I also think that our personality can adapt if we are surrounded by an environment that does not fit our dominant personality. One of the many personalities that I have been identified with is that of an athlete, in other words, a “jock”. While I am not baffled by the idea that I hold that persona, I feel that I do not exhibit all the stereotypes of someone who is a “jock”. However, I have been an athlete all of my life, as have many of my friends. On top of everything else, for the four years of high school, whenever I was with a team that I was on at that time I picked up the demeanor of a “jock”. At times I was definitely over confident, many times to the point of arrogance. However, I was like that because of basic human nature; I wanted to be accepted and liked by the people I was spending time with. No one wants /2...
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identity revu - /1 The Truth Behind Our Identity Dr...

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